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Dispute ‘ain’t about buffalo genitalia’

Chip Thomas, a.k.a. Jetsonorama, is a doctor, artist and member of the Justseeds Artists Cooperative, which is “for like-minded, socially engaged artists.” I suspect that Monte Park LLC, a.k.a. Jury Krajack presiding, is not “like- minded,” meaning he ain’t down with the “social justice” messaging of said artist-doctor. Monte Park LLC probably just wanted a mural of a cattle drive by folks who pioneered the West, you know? Built towns like Mancos, Dolores and Cortez.

Jetsonorama is advocating for social justice. Personally, I dig the buffalo mural. However, Thomas’ work is expressing grievance culture, which lays blame squarely on Krajack’s demographic, and in my opine, makes people cynical. If social justice is your thing, have at it, it’s a free country. Who is kidding whom? Outrage is in.

But let us be clear, it ain’t about buffalo genitalia. It is about misunderstanding one another on purpose.

Onward through the fog.

Richard M. Feit