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Ditch the train altogether

Hi I've been following the debacle known as the fire starting loud polluting train with sympathy. I know the Durango Train has its following and its fans but many of US are NOT them. I've been in Durango for about 15 years now (from Denver) and I find the train annoying, polluting, loud, fire-starting and totally inconsiderate as per their meeting with the Rockwood People. Rude, totally Rude. BTW WHEN IS THE TRIAL FOR THE TRAIN? I feel sorry for the Rockwood People but I am HAPPIER FOR ME. The noise going from one end to another of town breaks noise regulations and is a huge disregard for the quiet in this town that LOCALS want. Way to go AL HARPER. When IS that trial and when are you going to take responsibility for ANYTHING?! Durango needs to branch out beyond a tourist-reliant budget and GET IT TOGETHER to not maintain reliance on tourists,Texans, Californians et al. Durango IS BETTER THAN THAT. We have WAY better choices to stay afloat. RETIREES HERE, wake up and pitch in. You're SMART EXPERIENCED AND together we can figure this out. For example: condemn the train station, turn it into a convention center and on and on and on. We do HAVE to be forced to reliant on the polluting fire-starting entity that is the train. WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT. Thank you

Julie C. Meadows, Durango